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 Intercom Computer Systems has been the place for computer users to turn for peripherals, storage systems, PC-Host connectivity and networking. The German organization works with distributors in many European countries and overseas.


Mainframe VTS

Based on our industry leading MODERN Mainframe Virtual Tape Technology, Luminex has been providing the answers for mainframe enterprises for years. Luminex’s products and technology provide real solutions for real business needs with the reliability, high performance and total cost of ownership benefits that you demand.

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Data Exchange

The Tape Server for Real Tape drives provides IBM 3490, 3480 and 3422/3420 compatibility. Connection to the IBM mainframe is established via up to four Escon or Block Multiplex Channels. Tape Drives that are supported by the Tape Server for Real Tapes are Open Reels 9-track, 3480 - 18-track, 3490 - 36-track, 3590 Magstar, LTO Ultrium, 8mm, DLT, SDLT and AIT.

OAM Storage

IBM zSeries OAM based Storage System

Virtel Web Access

3270 terminal emulation - Secure and simplify access

With Virtel Web Access, simplify the deployment and support of client 3270 access, with integrated security.
Allow users to access 3270 applications using a simple web browser, wherever they are.
Eliminate Java and HLLAPI
Replace session manager
Use the multi-window capacity of standard web browsers combined with inbuilt Virtel functions, to completely replace mainframe session managers.

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Virtel Web Modernization

Web-enable mainframe applications

Implement web-enablement solutions without changing the existing application logic.

Generate Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
Develop modernization templates
Dynamically convert 3270 screens into web pages by using conversion templates, thus allowing developers to instantly view and validate updates made to screen layouts.

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Virtel Web Integration

Deploy a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Set up IMS and CICS applications as web services that can be integrated to an Enterprise-wide SOA, using the transport and conversion services provided by Virtel.

Expose and consume web services

Use Virtel to implement web service oriented communication between host and remote applications via standard portals such as Websphere or Apache.

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Intercom Computer Systems offers Service from 9x5 to 24x7x365 

About us

During its initial years of expansion Intercom became an expert engineering house in developing special solutions for the IBM large-scale computer periphery. Today Intercom is a worldwide acknownledged producer and supllier, providing standard solutions in the storage sector and innovative solutions in the printing and communications sector.

Intercom Computer Systems is prudent to offer you complete solutions for your problems. We are making sure to connect our solution to your existing IT-environment seamless and you get assistance, from the consulting via implementation till the support.

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