I-4995 Spirit

Virtual Optical Disk System IBM 3995 compatible based on a storage system

The IBM 3995 compatible storage system I-4995 Spirit is a 3995 compatible Controller and a storage system. The system emulates a IBM 3995 Model C38 and can enhanced till Petabyte Area. The data are stocked in Mirroring procedure and checked for completeness all the time. If a error is found the missing object will be saved on another storage node. This concept allowed the migration on a new storage medium through replacing of the separate storage nodes. A 100% provision for case of disaster is given with the optional available data replication to another location.


  • WORM Protection
  •  saved authenticity with “fingerprint”
  •  quick access to data
  • efficient data replication
  • high scalability from 3 TB up to 2,6 PB
  • <li"> uninterruptible upgrade
  • no reconfiguration required after upgrade
  • self-healing hardware platform
  • business continuity in case of disaster because of local and remote mirroring
  • remote support for disaster recovery
  •  support for migration to new storage technologies

We offer high capacity and access time less than 1 sec.


At the customer DB Systel a further project for audit-proof storage on mainframes in cooperation with Hitachi Data Systems is completed successfully. Click here to arrive the success story.

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