Janus Migration Tool

OAM Migration Software for zSeries - JANUS

JANUS is a software product for the migration of data stored on IBM mainframes in the OAM storage subsystem (on DASD, optical or tape) to any storage media supporting OAM.

JANUS exists in two flavors:

JANUS Standard is independent of the archive application. It migrates only OAM objects.

JANUS Extended is more flexible and provides additional options. JANUS Extended allows restructuring and optimizing the physical layout of the storage within OAM. It supports currently the IBM archive systems IAFC, OD/390 Version 2 and ImagePlus and may be adapted to support products of other vendors working with OAM.
JANUS migrates data safely with a minimal amount of manual effort to dedicated storage systems such as EMC's Centera, IBM's DS6000 series or Hitachi's HCP. These dedicated storage systems require a gateway between OAM on the mainframe and the dedicated storage systems, e.g. Intercom 4995.
JANUS allows the customer to implement easily documentation and verification processes which might be required for audit or legal purposes.

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