I-5590 Chameleon - Data Exchange

IBM 3590, 3490, 3480, 3420 compatible Tape System for z/OS, BS2000, VOS3 (Hitachi) and MSP/EX (Fujitsu)

A universal tape system for IBM Mainframe environments. chamyScalable to all tape technologies in a data center.
To have this original systems available can cost-intensive.

"Chameleon" is a universal system. All required tape technologies can be realized in one device. Compared to the IBM Host System there are no modifications on the existing system needed. "Chameleon" behaves like a to emulating tape or cartridge system and is supported by the existing Tape Management Solutions. All required combinations are realized with ESCON and/or FICON channel to the Host.

Real Data Exchange
BluRay / DVD / CD
Gateway to Open Systems (EBCDIC to ASCII Translation)

The "Chameleon" can be combined with our I-6994 "Gazelle" (VTS).