Media Conversion and Copy Preservation of Archive Database

Do you know that Tape Media Databases are possibly not readable after already 7 till 10 years?

Various Damages:

1. Chemical Damages through Hydrolysis

caused by wrong climatic storage conditions

damage: Tape sticks on Magnetic Tape Head (sticky tape), partial Removal of Magnetic Layer, damping of amplitude


2. Physical Damage

Handling Error, defective or deficient maintained Tape Units, Position of Trace, Wrap of Coil; lying Storage, storing close by big Magnetic Fields, no constant refreshing (rewinding)


3. Software

change of Operating System or Backup Software

To prevent a possible, no longer rescuable Data Loss you should backup the Archive Data on latest Storage Media like CD, DVD or LTO Media now.

The longer you are waiting the more difficult is it to preserve the data.

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