VIRTEL - Web-Enabling Suite for 3270 Apps

VIRTEL Web Suite is a simple, fast, powerful and cost-effective solution to convert the proven business
logic of legacy mainframe applications into new and dynamic web applications. With VIRTEL, legacy mainframe applications look and behave like true web applications at a fraction of the cost, risk and duration of redevelopment, replacement or rehosting.

Virtel Web Suite includes all the components needed to integrate the web Technology to existing Information Systems:

  • Virtel Web Access: Extend mainframe applications as-is and instantly to Standard web browsers
  • Virtel Web Modernization: Add amodern rich Web 2.0 user Interface with new AJAX functionality
  • Virtel Web Integration: Open interactive bi-directional Connections of any type (XML, Web Services etc.) between mainframe and web applications for SOA, WOA or WebSphere Integration.

Virtel relies on a technical architecture which enables IT organizations to benefit from a simple, powerful and cost-effective solution:

  • Virtel retains and reuses the business logic and screen-based presentation of 3270 applications like CICS, IMS or TSO.
  • 100 % mainframe-based thin-client solutions and exclusively depending on open standard Web 2.0 technology (HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, REST, WOA), Virtel requires no client software ("thin-client), no middle-tier server, no middleware and no change to the existing 3270 application code.

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VIRTEL Web Access - easy explained:
VIRTEL Web Modernization - short and crisp:


VIRTEL - a case study to Modern Web Interface:
VIRTEL - a case study to Web Integration:



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