baender.jpgData on magnetic tapes media has to be sophisticated. Wrong storage, lack of refreshing of the tapes, deficient material or defect Tape recorders make archived data unreadable after some years.

With 25 years of knowledge in magnetic tapes technics, we offer you copying and conversion of "open reels" and tape catridge media. Even tapes that are (sticky) or hard to read can be backed uo or converted.

Supported Media Formats

Open reels: 9 track: 800bpi NRZI, 1600 bpi PE, 3200bpi DPE, 6250bpi GCR
Tape Cartridges: 18/36 track: 3480/3490 and 3490E
IBM Tape Cartridges: 128/256 track: 3590/3590E

Labeled and unlabeled tapes; ASCII, EBCDIC or DCF. All seismological tape formats such as SEG- B or SEG- Y.

Other formats are checked on request.

Please click for detailed description of tape media.

Data can be copied to the following media:

- Flash Memory Cards
- USB Memory Stick
- Externe Harddisc
- Blu-Ray
- CD or DVD-R Medien, includes Laserprint/Lightscribe printing and Caddy

For example, copying of Data includes:

1. Reading in and assorting of files
2. For seismic data: filename with maching format specification;
e.g. data file: xxx.sgc
TPF file: xxx.sgc.tpf
3. "Trace" -file for damaged or hard to read tapes
4. Writing of the file on medium asked for by the customer
5. Verifying of the file`s completeness and compartibility

Optional: 2nd or 3rd copy (extern, emergency)
- recommendable -
Optional: Fragmentary readingbof damaged files/tapes

Data is in accordance with the VS-NfD bulletin.